Residential Solar

  • Justifications based on current PG&E bills, Rebates, Tax credits
    and Sonoma County Energy Independence Programs.
  • Turnkey installations, making the installation process easy.
  • Roof and Ground mount systems.
  • Education on system operation, and post installation binder.
  • 10 year warranty and support.
  • Justifications with Federal Tax credits and Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP)

Commercial Solar

Commercial systems often require a custom design.

  • Best practices to minimize roof penetrations
  • Synergy’s electricians can integrate to your existing electrical services
  • Plan for system expansion

Assistance with cost justification and system payback.

Solar Consulting

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Solar System Backup Batteries

An off-grid, ground-mounted solar energy system showing panels and inverters

Synergy installs backup generators

Customer (center) with Synergy owners.

Electric Vehicles

Rebates and Incentives Links

Running on Sunshine – PV Services

Solar as a pre-paid (30 years) fuel.

  • Sizing solar systems when adding an EV
  • Additional PV needed for existing systems
  • Economies of scale for EV and home
  • Emergency Back-up Systems

Installation of Chargers – Electrical Services

  • Simple 240 volt receptacles
  • Smart Chargers

Electrical Services

  • Commercial Systems
  • Back-up Systems
  • New Construction
  • Remodel
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Energy Efficient Re-lighting