Storage is the perfect pairing to solar

When solar systems produce more power then the home needs, this power can be stored in a homeowners on-site batteries. This power can then be used in the evening, when the solar is no longer operating. Read further for more details on why Synergy customers are adding storage to their solar systems.

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Why our customers are choosing to add Storage

Back-up Power: Storage systems provide a home with power when the grid is down from power failure or fire mitigation.

Federal Tax Credit: When solar and storage are combined, the storage system qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit. If storage is added to an existing solar system, it also qualifies.

Favorable Rate Schedules: When storage is added to solar, homeowners can use the EV (electric vehicle) rate schedule, even if they do not have an EV. The EV schedule’s rate difference between peak and off peak make it ideal for solar and storage.

Peak Shaving and Export: When  homeowners pair solar with storage, they can charge the storage system when utility rates are low and use the power in the early evenings when rates are high. New regulations have also just been passed to allow storage systems charged by solar to export power to the grid. Both of these  provide additional financial benefit to homeowners.

Self Consumption: PG&E now has a Non-Bypassable Charge (NBC) for solar owners, which requires a homeowner to pay a 2-3 cent charge for all power delivered from the utility. If we store our own power in a battery, this cost can be avoided.

And More: Storage has so many more benefits that are harder to put a dollar figure to such as grid stability and security, helping minimize utility infrastructure, home business backup planning and so many more. Read more on my blog.